Social Media Platforms are like cars, not everyone wants a Prius

Learn from my mistakes (cause I’ve probably made them all at least twice)

Nothing hurts more than wasted time, so I’m going to stop you from dealing with the painfully wasteful, strange, and unproductive avenues of approach to growing your brand’s social media presence by sharing some of the knowledge I have gained as an entrepreneur and professional social media coordinator.

Since the…

If globalism killed the chance of a “made in America” watch, is that a bad thing?

The Christmas season is enjoyable for many reasons, and the opportunity to feed my wrist-watch collecting addiction is just one of many. With this opportunity comes the chance to share the gift of something I love amongst friends and family, with each watch purchased with the intent of it matching…

The decision is yours as to whether the situation ends positively or explodes

As someone that has been both a business owner and an average retail employee, I’ve dealt firsthand with customers that have ranged from difficult to outright heinous. Here are the five steps for anyone ranging from freelancers to entrepreneurs and every other job in between.

1. Never Take it Personally

Sometimes a nasty customer will…

Don’t let your best work be a one time flash

You’ve written a great op-ed or research piece, and I’m talking about a big, flashy one with hundreds of shares and mentions. At the end of this rainbow maybe, just maybe, you’ll get that Fox News interview you’ve been dreaming about since you started getting involved in all of this…

In a world chasing fantasy, the most honest experience some readers can still obtain today is through the pages of a memoir

I’ve heard a time or two that every author puts a little bit of themselves in their characters. For Arthur Conan Doyle, he desperately wanted to live an exaggerated life so he could fulfill his Sherlock Holmes fantasies since he so envied the character he birthed. Ian Fleming added his…

Remso W. Martinez

Journalist, bestselling author, and social media coordinator. Topics covered here: digital marketing | blockchain & crypto | business | mindset | watches

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