Its time to brush up on old skills even in our digital age

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The easy thing to do, according to some, when a massive change impacts our daily lives is to quickly toss out our old ways of thinking and make the jump to new mindsets and practices. That is what you’re going to hear from many business experts for the foreseeable future, and probably what you’ve heard a million times already since the pandemic halted our lives and forced us to adapt.

While change is good, and in some situations completely necessary, that doesn’t mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater.

The ability to engage, overcome, and adapt is as…

Sometimes the best thing to do is absolutely nothing

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When I began trying this out in 2019, the intent was to find a radical way to stay away from my cell phone. In 2020, floating became the only way for me to feel as if I could press the pause button on the world for a change.

The champagne was poured and well wishes were said, suddenly like magic, the year 2020 was dead. It left as it came, a specter in the night, but God willing, 2021 won’t be such a fright.

By Friday morning, my world seemed almost completely different from January 1st a year prior. In…

Turning unemployment into a period of productivity

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The worst feeling on the planet is when you’ve either quit, been fired or even laid off from a job and you wake up days later to bills and unexpected expenses you stress about paying for. For some of us, the uncomfortable feeling that comes with not being productive can add on an additional mental, emotional, and spiritual strain that can take down the most chipper person we can think of.

All this depends on a mindset of growth instead of a mindset of defeat.

However, whether it is for a length of…

Social Media Platforms are like cars, not everyone wants a Prius

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Learn from my mistakes (cause I’ve probably made them all at least twice)

Nothing hurts more than wasted time, so I’m going to stop you from dealing with the painfully wasteful, strange, and unproductive avenues of approach to growing your brand’s social media presence by sharing some of the knowledge I have gained as an entrepreneur and professional social media coordinator.

Since the dawn of the internet alone, lightyears of progress have been made in terms of allowing literally anybody with a reliable connection to enter the global, digital market. …

If globalism killed the chance of a “made in America” watch, is that a bad thing?

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The Christmas season is enjoyable for many reasons, and the opportunity to feed my wrist-watch collecting addiction is just one of many. With this opportunity comes the chance to share the gift of something I love amongst friends and family, with each watch purchased with the intent of it matching the style and personality of the receiver. However, what watch do you select for someone who is a vocal “Made in America” acolyte?

As someone who considers themselves a watch connoisseur — the answer is you don’t.

With that said, there isn’t much of an argument anyway since the watch…

The decision is yours as to whether the situation ends positively or explodes

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As someone that has been both a business owner and an average retail employee, I’ve dealt firsthand with customers that have ranged from difficult to outright heinous. Here are the five steps for anyone ranging from freelancers to entrepreneurs and every other job in between.

1. Never Take it Personally

Sometimes a nasty customer will do everything from attack your business or employer and perhaps try and hit you personally with some untrue, false words meant to provoke a response. The biggest thing to know about this is that this person is in a desperate state, and they want to bring you down with them.

While Peers Looked Down on it, I was Profiting

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There was a point in the past year where I felt my skills were useless, like the network I had developed didn’t see me as a professional of value, and that the time I worked on developing myself as a published author and journalist was all for nothing. The truth is that it is hard to take pride in your vocation when you can’t pay the bills. Things changed however in January of this year and I began to get offered writing contracts out of the blue, and before I knew it contracts for paid writing projects and gigs were…

Don’t let your best work be a one time flash

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You’ve written a great op-ed or research piece, and I’m talking about a big, flashy one with hundreds of shares and mentions. At the end of this rainbow maybe, just maybe, you’ll get that Fox News interview you’ve been dreaming about since you started getting involved in all of this political nonsense back in college. For five or ten minutes, you’re painting the town red and feeling like Justin Timberlake in a crowd of faceless groupies. A day has passed, and now everyone is focused on the next talking point and scandal of the week. Your article talking about something…

How one new political movement rose and fell before our eyes

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They were mad as all Hell and wanted everyone to know it. In the final days of the 2016 election, conversations were held between activists, donors, and bloggers to devise a way out for conservatives disenfranchised with the state of the Republican party. The partisan pinata was beaten by both establishment Republicans who wanted to keep the ball in their court and populists who wanted to burn the whole thing down and let whatever came up from the ashes take the lead. …

In a world chasing fantasy, the most honest experience some readers can still obtain today is through the pages of a memoir

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I’ve heard a time or two that every author puts a little bit of themselves in their characters. For Arthur Conan Doyle, he desperately wanted to live an exaggerated life so he could fulfill his Sherlock Holmes fantasies since he so envied the character he birthed. Ian Fleming added his personal flair to fill out the blank slate of James Bond, the spy Fleming never was. Somewhere in Bilbo and Frodo is a little J.R.R. Tolkien too, hoping that when he would have to climb his own mountains, he’d be as brave as a hobbit. …

Remso W. Martinez

Journalist, bestselling author, and social media coordinator. Topics covered here: digital marketing | blockchain & crypto | business | mindset | watches

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