Is the Crypto Dance and Blockchain Boogie Over?

It was the wave of the future, and within a year scammers, hackers, and regulators killed all the fun.

sound money and technology is the ultimate consumer revolution of the twenty-first century.

The biggest mistake many newbies made was that they didn’t understand the underlying purpose of crypto- privacy and sound money. They treated it like stock and speculation caused ridiculous spikes in coins that were very obviously overvalued. Then when people began to lose money they sold all they had and left the crypto game entirely, not knowing any more than when they first invested. While your average middle-class consumer won’t be tipping their waiter in Bitcoin anytime soon, Bitcoin and crypto ATM’s are popping up around the country while online stores such as Overstock and other online boutique stores are understanding that there is a market for crypto consumers. Progress takes time, and silence doesn’t necessarily mean death. Nations like Venezuela are learning the hard way what inflationary fiat currency can do to an economy, which is why Latin America is one of the highest trading crypto regions in the world.

Journalist, bestselling author, and social media coordinator. Topics covered here: digital marketing | blockchain & crypto | business | mindset | watches

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